Removal from altar of ancestral worship mp3 Audio

Posted: 11/04/2012 in Uncategorized Removal from altar of ancestral worship mp3 Audio.

Some people are included in the ancestral worship altars without their knowledge and / or their consent or permission. The fact that your name is included in the altar without your knowledge or consent does not make any difference as it opens the way for the ancestral spirits to steal, kill or destroy in your life and to do any other evil against you as they wish, including causing terrible sickness and diseases.

Many people undermine this altar and they just believe that because they have never personally worshipped at the altar, it has no effect upon their lives or that of their family. Experience has shown that this ignorance is a strong weapon for the devil as the names of many Christians (pastors included) have been recorded in ancestral worship altars by their parents, grandparents or other relatives without their knowledge and or consent.

The ancestral worship altar continues to speak evil and negative things against their lives and as they are not aware of it, they continue to fight the devil in any way possible that they know, not knowing that a contract has been signed on their behalf in their name and that as a result they have a door that is opened for the enemy into their lives. Many become discouraged after some time and many back slide from frustration. They end up thinking prayer, fasting and faith in God do not work. It is true what the bible says that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

It is crucial that we expand our knowledge in this area so that we can better protect ourselves and our families. The relatives who include our names in the ancestral worship altars believe that they are doing a good thing for us not knowing that in essence they are destroying our lives.

In the photographs below, our sister was appointed “Makhadzi” of the ancestral spirits and made a priestess by her relatives and this has always worked against her as she was not worshipping at the altar. Her name has now been finally removed from the altar and she has renounced the family idols and the ancestral spirits.

As you can see in the pictures, the kingdom of darkness uses symbols used in church like the cross to deceive those coming to the priest / priestess into believing that the power being used is that of the Living God whereas it has nothing to do with the living God.


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