Make sure God sees that you represent Him

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“Make sure God sees that you represent Him” by Pastor Johana Mukhavhuli, Wednesday Service, the 12th of September 2012.

Scripture reading: Mathew 11:12 “12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” NKJV.

The kingdom of God is taken or inherited by hard workers; it is not inherited by those who are lazy or those who are shy to represent God. God wants people who can stand by His side and represent His kingdom no matter what the situation is. Like what happened with the man Job; irrespective of the situation he was faced with, he kept on serving God and God saw that Job loves Him and He protected him.

There is also the case of the three men Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego who stood and represented God even when the king had made a law that all people should bow before the idol that he had made for himself. The bible tells us that the three men stood before the king and told him that they would not bow before his idol because they have a God who is a protector. They didn’t mind what the king might do to them because they knew that the God that they served would protect them in everything they were going through.

The bible says once upon a time there were these two men of God, Paul and Silas who always spoke the word of God and they always went about preaching the word of God to the nation. The bible says they were arrested for doing this but that even when they were in prison they didn’t stop praising God but kept on worshiping him. The bible says that suddenly there was a huge shake inside the prison and all the chains that where binding them broke loose.

When you do things for God, when you worship or praise God do not do it to please other people. God is looking for people who are ready to represent Him in and before the nations, no matter what the circumstances. He wants true worshipers who are ready to worship him. The kingdom of God is not inherited easily but you must fight for your inheritance of the kingdom of God.

In Christ you need to forget all things, take the cross and follow Him as your personal savior. Show people that you have a living God. Let us go and do things that are good, and let’s not do it for ourselves but for God. We must always represent the kingdom of God even if it is hard or we’re facing hard and bad times. Let us stand firm and represent God so that when Jesus comes back we can also receive our crowns. Let’s change our lives and live like Job who was always faithful to God so that God can be proud of us. Amen!


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