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Scripture reading: Ezekiel 29:1-6 “1 In the tenth year, in the tenth month, on the twelfth day of the month, the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 2 “Son of man, set your face against Pharaoh king of Egypt, and prophesy against him, and against all Egypt. 3 Speak, and say, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “Behold, I am against you, O Pharaoh king of Egypt, O great monster who lies in the midst of his rivers, Who has said, ‘My River is my own; I have made it for myself.’ 4 But I will put hooks in your jaws, And cause the fish of your rivers to stick to your scales; I will bring you up out of the midst of your rivers, And all the fish in your rivers will stick to your scales. 5 I will leave you in the wilderness, You and all the fish of your rivers; You shall fall on the open field; You shall not be picked up or gathered.  I have given you as food To the beasts of the field And to the birds of the heavens. 6 “Then all the inhabitants of Egypt Shall know that I am the Lord, Because they have been a staff of reed to the house of Israel.” NKJV.

 Ezekiel my son, turn your face towards Pharaoh. I am against him and I want you to tell him now that the Lord of hosts is against you Pharaoh.

Ezekiel was never afraid, he is the same man that God visited and said to him: “Do you believe that these bones can speak, that they can have life again?” It is the same Ezekiel that God sent to tell Pharaoh “I am against you Pharaoh.”

Verse 3 “3 Speak, and say, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “Behold, I am against you, O Pharaoh king of Egypt,”.

I am here today because God told me that the children of Mphambo are in bondage. A yoke is something that you can’t carry by yourself. It is put upon you by somebody else. It is not something that you go and buy at the shop. You don’t ask for it. It is put on you without your choice.

In the olden days the farmers would put a yoke on a cow when they go to plough. A yoke means oppression, pressed down. It means you are oppressed wherever you go. That is why I said you can’t buy the yoke.

A yoke is heavy. It is not nice.

 Let me tell you about the yoke of a human being, it’s when a human being is oppressed. Just like the children of Israel when they were in Egypt. They were working very hard, serious hard labour.

Today I am going to speak about the yoke in your life. God is moved in heaven with every yoke that is on a human being. God never created a human being to be yoked. Yoke is brought by the devil. Yoke is the opposition of God, it is the devil telling God “I have them” insulting God.

God saw the pain His children were going under in Egypt that is why He said to Moses, I am disturbed by the yoke on my children. By the boasting man like Pharaoh, who says the Nile is mine, when he claims that the fish is his. God cannot keep quiet when you are suffering. He can’t allow the yoke to stay upon you forever

He will send a man, just like He has sent me to help you. God is saying “It is enough! go and help my children the witches and wizards are afflicting my children.”

Prophet Ezekiel go and tell Pharaoh “I hate you”. “You kingdom of Mphambo I hate you, release my children.” My children should pass at school, they must be healthy, they must get jobs etc

“4 But I will put hooks in your jaws, And cause the fish of your rivers to stick to your scales; I will bring you up out of the midst of your rivers, And all the fish in your rivers will stick to your scales”

I will fish you out of the river like a fish. This is when God is furious. You are the children of God; you are not the children of the demons, witches and wizards. The reason God gave you oxygen to breath, is that He has a good plan for your life. Some of you will be evangelists, teachers, pastors but the devil wants to stop you and turn you into sangomas.

Today we are here to say to the kingdom of Mphambo, the witches and wizards of Mphambo, “Your power is being is destroyed tonight!”

There is a situation when you will find a witch pretending that he or she owns an area and they act like kings of that area.

You have been given power to tell those witches and wizards “My God will arise in this place!” You find children not passing at school. From primary level the child was performing well and then later he gets dull and stupid in school. The witch says “I will show them. He won’t finish school, no ways!”

Jesus is here at Mphambo, those witches and wizards here, you are a loser. The children will pass and go and find work. The yoke is put upon your life by the witches and wizards. A clever boy / girl going to drink beer? With a solid mind? Do you think that thing is normal? The child gets a distinction in science and maths and then goes and sit in the bottle store to drink beer. That is a yoke of the devil.

When you go to the tavern you go and drink older people. Check as to when this beer was brewed. If it was brewed say in 1895, where were you when it was brewed? That beer will kick you. That is why the devil sends these children to the tavern; they are going to drink their grannies. You find a teenager drunk walking like a very old man, they are drinking old people.

It is important as a child to hide your life in the church. We get some of the yokes from home. Some of the parents don’t want their children to go to church. This then means the parents put the yoke on you. When you go to kneel down at the ancestral worship altar you are putting your life in danger. Your parents are selling your life. It is time to get out.

Prophet Ezekiel tell Pharaoh my children are suffering. The same message Moses had to tell Pharaoh. Go and tell Pharaoh to release my children otherwise He will see who I am God.

If they don’t want to release you, those witches and wizards, they will see who God is. Raise your head up, your eyes will open and you will see that Jesus wants you. Jesus rose up to saved the souls, the afflicted and the oppressed. He rose to release the annointing that breaks the yoke.

Isa 10:27 “27 And it shall be in that day that the burden of [the Assyrian] shall depart from your shoulders, and his yoke from your neck. The yoke shall be destroyed because of fatness [which prevents it from going around your neck]. [Deut 32:15.]” AMP.

Today God has sent somebody to Mphambo to remove the yoke. It doesn’t matter how strong the yoke is, how long it has been there. The yoke must move today. The yoke must move tonight, it must be taken away, it must be destroyed. When the yoke is taken away you will become fat. When you are in trouble you can’t become fat.

If the yoke is upon you, you can’t become fat. Those cows, which were in the yoke everyday at the farm never gained weight. A yoke is a way of making people to slim even without their choice. The only person qualified to take away the yoke is the son of God, in the name of Jesus who arose on the 3rd day. With His resurrected we will be fat. Why? His resurrection removes the yoke. He will remove the yoke from those who believe in Him. Those who don’t, they will continue to carry the yoke.

If you see a person going to the tavern, know that that person has decided to carry the yoke. If you as a youth decide to go to there, then you are taking the yoke upon you. Sometimes people take back the yoke that was removed back into their life.

Those who are used to the yoke, stand next to the yoke even when they have been released.

We you have a yoke you will even be tired to pray, even to pray for somebody else, but when the yoke is gone you will rise in prayer and fight, even for the others.

Jesus Christ said I am the way, the truth and the life; no one can come to the Father, except through me. That is why I am here to release you.

That is the reason I sing and shout because Jesus Christ came down and lifted me up. Nobody can shut you up, that is the reason I worship Him, that is the reason I praise His good name. That is the reason I won’t stop to praise and worship Him. If He had failed to resurrect up, we would be in trouble.

We thank Jesus the son of God, who is the son of the living God, carrying annointing, the annointing that breaks the yoke. There is no power that can break the yoke. Who do you think can break the yoke? Remember the devil is the one who put it there and will not remove it, he still wants it there. Except Jesus there is no other.

Do you think that old sangoma can remove it? No.

Prayer: God remove the yoke upon my life. That yoke of sicknesses and diseases, bad luck, flying at night must be removed now in Jesus’ name.