Sunday, 20th November 2011 “The Blessings”

Rev Samuel Mametsa was preaching on “The Blessings”: Blessings must follow you; they must run after you like a coin runs after a magnet… You must be a magnet of your blessings. You need not call blessings. You need not cry and remind God about blessings, for He knows you have enough blessings in you. You were blessed when you were created. When God created man, he blessed them. You are carrying enough blessings in you…What a sermon we had… What a revelation… We need not struggle for blessings for they are already in us. All we need to do is wake them up. Our blessings are asleep because we are stagnated in worshipping God. We are not thanking and blessing God for who He is. ” Read from Genesis 1:26-30, Psalm 103:1 Bless the Lord Oh my soul…, Psalm 145:10, what a service we had. God spoke to His congregation through His anointed servant Rev S Mametsa. Hallelujah, Glory be to the Mighty One from whom all Godly blessings come. Praise Him and wake up your blessings…


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